I. Descriptions of geocell


    Geocell retainer systems are three dimensional honeycomb style elements filled with ground, rock or concrete. These systems are generally called geocell, which are produced from strip-shaped polymer layers or geotextiles, are placed diagonally and are secured to each other at the intersection points. These strips are turned into a wide honeycomb cover when they are pulled. HDPE geocell slope protection geocell can be filled with sand, stone, or concrete in roadbed construction. Plastic gravel stabilizer/soil stabiliser geocell/grass soil geocell.

    II. Functions of geocell

    • Geocell is resistant to Environmental weathering, weather
    • Low cost
    • Easy to installation and reliability
    • Minimize the maintainance 


    III. Geocell applications

    • Retain soil
    • Slope protection
    • Canal bank protection
    • Payload support for roadbed

    +/ Stacking geocell for slope protection

    The inclined geocell forms an excellent erosion protection for medium-high slopes. Depending on geological conditions, a J-shaped steel belt can be used to anchor the grid system. Different types of materials for backfill can be used from soil, stone, concrete depending on requirements.

    +/ Eco-friendly solution for greening slopes

    Stacked geotextiles provide a more stable structure than conventional geogrids allowing for the construction of steeper and steeper roof walls. Geocells can be used in combination. with Geogrid to increase the stability of the wall even more. Geocell can be filled with soil and planted with grass, making it an eco-friendly solution for greening slopes.

    +/ Geocell for canal bank protection

    Geocell provides a stable protection solution for open canal slopes and hydroelectric construction items. This is an ideal reinforcement solution for the canal slopes where severe erosion is frequent due to continuous high flows.

    Unpaved areas, such as paths, parking lots, driveways, etc., can be very susceptible to damage by shear forces near the subsidence surface, especially in wet conditions or other areas. areas with loads expected to be higher than allowed.


    +/ Geocell paving on roadbed to payload reinforcement 


    Geocells with high strength to maintain the shape and integrity of the structure, allowing heavier axial vertical loads to be applied without fear of lateral overflow of the fill material. The geocell also distribute loads over an extended area, thereby reducing stress on the foundation. 

    IV. Geocell specifications