Applications of non woven geotextile fabric in the current works


Non woven geotextile applied for the overland road projects

The combination of non woven geotextile fabric with available materials at the works as well as technical issues in design of the reinforced concrete by coordinating with steel bars. Geotextile is applied to enable durability at the stressing positions.

Also the geotextile is allowed to eliminate the water out of roadbed quickly, ensure the quick drainage without separation function will be lost, water filtration is always ensured.

Non woven geotextile applied in the rail projects

The development of rail network help boost the economic development, bring high profit while energy cost is increasing and meet the time of delivery irrespective of in the adverse weather condition

The usage of all types of geotextile fabric to make the separation layer between soil layers without obstacle of groundwater flow rate where soil surface is not stable. Avoid subsidence phenomenon, at the same time geotextile can help water drainage out of rail to enable more stable rail. Improve the landfill and prolong the service life of project.

Non woven geotextile applied for rail line

Photo: Geotextile is applied at rail projects

Geotextile fabric applied for irrigation project

The usage of geotextile is to protect river bank, canal, irrigation project and coastal works away from corrosion is being applied a lot in the project in Vietnam. Normally it is combined with natural or artificial decoration, principal of operation will be act as a filter. In the anti-corrosion project, various geotextiles will be used is the big-sized beads because they are usually large opening-sized, used at where clay mud established. In case hydrostatics will be upgraded, these geotextile fabrics must be high enough permeability.

Geotextile is used for water drainage in the civil works

In the civil engineering, demand of water drainage have been recognized for a long time, needs of filtration to block soil not to go into the water drainage system.

A such soil washout often causes sewer blockage and surface instability of the soil adjacent to the sewage drain. The geotextile fabrics will be used to filter soil and material in bead is the more considered as a workable replacement solution in terms of technique as well as commerce for project.

Geotextile fabric used in the construction of playfield and landscape

Besides industrial works, the non woven geotextile also used widely to build the playfield, landscape around resorts. Specially areas where need to be made of synthetic grass surface, need to be built by lightproof polypropylene

The surface of artificial grass playfield is made of nylon yarn 6.6, knitted by needle into background layer of polyester fiber brought high durability and stability. In the actual use, surface of playfield contains polypropylene as a base material to be able to be used for 10 hours/ day, with service life of 10 years or more.

Geotextile fabric is applied in the agricultural area.

For agricultural project, geotextile fabric is used to control the mud volume, improve trails damaged by rain erosion, or traffic routs that traffic routes that do not have a large heavy trucks passing through. The geotextiles that folded by overlap include pipes or a sandstone block.

The non woven geotextile is a cost-effective solution in surface treatment, water drainage system, and traffic for farms, thanks to the very good water drainage, combined with stone soil, they can help reduce 1/3 investment cost in comparison with concrete application.

Recent years, the experts have pointed out that the long-term durability of geotextile fabric enhances the stability of rural roads.

geotextile applied anti corrosion for drainage canal system
Non-woven-geotextile applied in irrigation canal

Photo: Non woven geotextile fabric applied for anti corrosion for drainage canal system

Benefits in terms of quality, durability and high economic efficiency

Geotextile brings safety

  • Reduce subsidence on the surface, enhance stability of the ground
  • Reduce local uneven subsidence
  • Improvement of payload capacity on the traffic routes with a great many of heavy-duty and tonnage vehicles come in and out.

Geotextile brings economy

  • Prolong service life of traffic project
  • Reduce the necessary material volume for roadbed
  • Reduce significant cost for project maintenance for use time

Geotextile fabric is high applicability

  • Geotextile fabric can be used at area where heavy rain or high underwater level
  • non woven geotextile fabric can be used at area where topography is difficult to work, typical soil properties that other materials are ineffective.
  • Protect the main structures of project, water-poof, quick water drainage
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