Non-Woven geotextiles Polyfelt TS

    TenCate Polyfelt® Nonwoven geotextiles Polyfelt® TS & KET nonwoven geotextiles are mechanically robust and highly durable with optimum water permeability and soil filtration characteristics. The nonwoven geotextiles are UV stabilized to prevent quick degradation from sun exposure and is commonly applied as a separator to stabilize fill over soft subgrades, revetment filtration in hydraulic and marine applications and as a subsoil filter. TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextile is indeed the ideal separation and filter geotextile for civil engineering.

    Benefits of TenCate Polyfelt® nonwoven geotextiles

    • Stabilizes base courses over low bearing capacity subgrades
    • Provides excellent tensile strength and elongation properties
    • Maintains the function of drainage systems
    • Offers high permeability to water and retains finest soil particles
    • Provides high long-term resistance and robustness


    Functionalities of Polyfelt® TS


    Polyfelt® TS


    The equilibrium soil-to-geotextile system that allows for adequate movement of a liquid across the plane of the geotextile to prevent clogging and limit soil loss over the service lifetime of the application.

    Polyfelt® TS


    The major function of draining is to evacuate water or other liquids towards the structure’s outlets.

    Polyfelt® TS


    The placement of a flexible, porous geotextile between dissimilar materials to prevent them from mixing so that the integrity and intended functions of both materials remain intact or are improved.


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