Polyester geogrids

    Polyester geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic made from high modulus polyester yarns. Polyester geogrid has excellent heat resistance and good resistance to long term degradation. It has good rutting resistant performance under high temperature. Polyester geogrid has a compact woven fabric structure. This structure constitutes a grid reinforcement system which exerts strong adhesive forces on the subgrade. Polyester geogrid can effectively enhance the bearing capacity of ground.

    * Features

    • Excellent mechanical properties and long-term stability.
    • High tensile strength.
    • High wear resistance.
    • Anti-corrosion resistance.
    • Balanced vertical and horizontal strength.
    • Strong tearing resistance.
    • Excellent soil surface adaptability, especially the tilted or curved surface.
    • High resistance to dynamic impact load and vibration activity.
    • Strong strengthening ability.
    • Excellent resistance to differential settlement.
    • Easy to install.

    * Application

    • Road or railway road sub-grade reinforcement
    • Walls retaining
    • Harbor, lake or dam stabilization
    • Tunnels and mining construction
    • Erosion prevention
    • Parking lots reinforcement
    • Anti-snow barriers

    polyester geogrid specifications