PP/ HDPE Uniaxial geogrid

    Uniaxial geogrid made of high molecular polymer is extruded into sheet and then punched into regular mesh pattern and finally stretched in the longitudinal direction

    • Features:

    With high tensile strength and tensile modulus

    • Applications: Uniaxial geogrid is mainly applied in high way, railway, slope protecting projects, retaining wall, dam to strengthen land loading capacity and extend its service life. Features in reducing area, project cost and maintenance cost, convenient to construct.

    1/ PP Uniaxial geogrid specifications

    PP Uniaxial geogrid specifications

    PP Uniaxial geogrid installation

    2/ HDPE Uniaxial geogrid specifications

    HDPE Uniaxial geogrid specifications

    HDPE Uniaxial geogrid constructionsconstructions and installation of HDPE material Uniaxial geogrid

    Photo: Uniaxial geogrid used for reinforcement of roadbed 

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